The finale: Secret Saviour Update

Hello our Maxxie Friends!

We’re afraid this might be our last Secret Saviour update.

Alas, we have still not found our Secret Saviour. We searched, oh how we searched, for days and weeks, hours and minutes. There was no mountain too high, no valley low. No river wide enough, baby… hang on. Point is, we did our best, but to no avail.

We would like our Secret Saviour to know, if perhaps they ever do read this, that we are so thankful, and from everyone at Max: we love and appreciate you.

Unfortunately, with 2019 well and truly upon us, we have to move our energies onto other things, and we sure do have some biggun’s in the work. Watch this space…

We would like to give a big, BIG thank you to everyone who supported our Secret Saviour search; to every individual who liked, commented, and shared our posts, for everyone who emailed and called with words of support and kindness. We’d like to thank all the media outlets and platforms for publishing our endeavour to the world –   Broadsheet, ABC Radio Sydney, Inner West Times, Inner West Courier, Local News Plus, News Local, LOTL, and Radio Active – we are overwhelmed with all your support, and can’t thank you enough.

For now, we put the pursuit of our Secret Saviour to rest, and hopefully with our new store in the works, we might see you walk up our stairs once more.

With loving hearts,

The Max Black Team

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