Secret Saviour Update

G’day mates!

We’re still looking for our local heroic community member, who gallantly tore up the Max Black stairs to get our gals and customers out of the blaze safely (what a legend right?). We’ve been getting an overwhelming amount of support from our community and local media outlets, hopefully bringing us closer to finding our Secret Saviour!

To hear the story from our two family members – Rosie and Natalia – who were in the store the night of the fire, listen in to ABC’s Breakfast interview with them (6 mins and 41 seconds).

We want to thank everyone again for all their love, support, kind words, and energies over the past three weeks. While everyone at Max is saddened by our temporary loss of home, we’re excited for the coming year. We have some big news coming, so watch this space!

If anyone knows anything about our Secret Saviour, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email – – or Facebook @maxblacksydney. At the very least, we just wanna give them a huge thank you.

Big love!

xxx MB

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